Saturday, September 21, 2013

IMATS Adventure: Part 1 of 2

Hey guys! 

I know I've been away for a week but I am really busy with the influx of uni work and assignments, as we all are. This will just be a short catch up post to show you some pictures of IMATS (International Make Up Artist Trade Show). They bring in international products, mainly from America to our willing Australian hands. It was really an amazing experience. We got to see some talks about makeup, and flooded with make up after make up after makeup! Part 2 will be much more detailed, especially with descriptions on the items that I bought. Also, if you want some tips on skin care that I have asked from my friend who has worked with Clinique tune in for my blog next week as well. 

Presale Tickets: All day - $35-$45
Tickets at the door: All day - $50

Entrance: it's like Cosplay for makeup ^^

ermergerd Makeup forever!!!  

Top end budget brushes, ranges from $4 to $18 (Bargain!)

IMATS Makeup Talks: Showing professional make up (and us noobs) artists how to contour, highlight, and apply eye makeup correctly.

Mac store. Nothing special, just 20% off everything :)

Amazing Camo Man painted by Mac Makeup artists using their 'body paint' line.

I didn't get anything from Inglot but the prices were really decent! 30% off all products. I didn't buy anything but my best friend bought a lipstick ($27 down to $19)

More Inglot! People were crazy. We spent a good 30 minutes waiting to purchase the liptsick. 

 Couldn't stand close enough, but make up artists doing their magic on models and giving 'runway' tips to the public. Putting gloss on your lids after finishing your eye make up will make it last longer and seem more intense!

 And we are done ^^ 

Isn't she pretty ^_^

Goodbye IMATS! See you next year :)

My haul for today. $242. Overspent but I will justify my reasons in Part 2!

As a person who has become really interested in makeup, it is great that there are shows and conventions for pretty much any interest group! I didn't hear about IMATS until I came across some beauty bloggers who raved about the discounts. Because it was Australia, I assume that the discounts weren't as great as say in Toronto but it definitely gave me a look into the professional make up field. There were make up artists everywhere buying 20 of the same make up brushes to stock up. And many sales people were treating everyone as if they were make up artists. It was really an enlightening experience. But yes, I would recommend any upcoming make up artists or those who are getting into makeup to check out IMATS tomorrow or next year. It is like walking into the industry in one exhibition room. Anyways, I will be showing you guys what I bought next week and my reasons for it. 

Till then, stay beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend and good luck for upcoming assessments and mid-semester exams.


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