Friday, January 23, 2015

How To: Winged Eyeliner Tutorial using Gel Eyeliner

Hi everyone,

Second video of the year!! Ever since my uncle bought me a new cam corder I have been so excited to record videos even though I spend half the time trying to find the right lighting. This is just a quick video on how I do my usual winged eyeliner using the gel formula. Trust me when I say that when I first tried gel eyeliner, I hated it and it looked horrible on my eyelids. HOWEVER, ever since I bought the Sigma Small Liner Brush E10 and the Loreal Super Gel Liner as a pair, applying gel liner is even easier than using liquid liner! Previously I used the EcoTools angled eyeliner brush and the Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Eyeliner... and it totally sucked. I prefer the Ecotools brush for my eyebrows now because it is quite thick which is really hard to apply a precise line for your lids. The Maybelline gel eyeliner was okay... but it wasn't as black or smooth as the Loreal one. What you need for easy application is a really thin brush (especially for Asian eyes) that is flexible and a smooth gliding gel liner - this will be your winning combo! These are quite reasonable in price, especially for Australia, compared to Mac brushes and Mac Fluidline gel eyeliner/Bobbi brown gel eyeliner.

Here is video of my tutorial:

Hope you guys enjoyed it and please comment on this post if you have any questions, or any suggestions for future posts/videos. 


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