Thursday, February 26, 2015

February Favourites

Hi everyone!

These are my favourite products this month :) Feel free to comment on what products you enjoyed this month!

The Original Beauty Blender

I recently purchased this on Crush Cosmetics after months of contemplating whether a $20 sponge was worth it. And my oh my, this sponge is literally a miracle for blending out liquid foundation... it seriously is effortless with this baby! I bought it in a pack of two for $43 and if you compare it to the Real Techniques Sponge which retails for $16 in Australia, then it's totally worth it! Highlight recommend :D

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort Zone

Again, I was also skeptical to buy this because in the US it retails for about $5 whereas on Crush Cosmetics it costs $12 for us Australians. Still, I decided to give it a go because the neutrals are just so gorgeous. As you can see with the swatches below, all the colours are very pigmented and creamy - honestly they don't even need eyelid primer for the colours to show up unlike some high end palettes. The packaging is pretty flimsy but the product is so so good for a relatively affordable price in comparison to other palettes available in Australia. This is a great palette for beginners who are testing out what neutrals suit them. 

Hourglass Cosmetics Blush Palette Trio

Oh, baby. When this palette came out during Christmas I had to have my hands on it! Like the Ambient Lighting Palette, the texture of the powder is so finely milled, having more of a iridescent light as opposed to chunks of glitter. The swirl of the colours is gorgeous and in the swatch you can see that the colours are pigmented with a nice sheen on it. Definitely recommend for those who have been wanting to try out their blushes!  

Benefit Watts Up Cream Highlighter

This was one of my first Benefit products and over the years I have fallen in love with it over and over again. I initially used it for my main highlighter after foundation, but I actually found it better as a base for powder highlighters like the Mac Soft and Gentle or the Stila Highlighter Duo. It creates a nice sheen on your face that complements well with more shimmery highlighters. Love!

Leoban Croft Argan Oil

This is not a favourite because of the specific brand, but more so for the Argan Oil product. Even though argan oil isn't really permanent for your hair, it still adds softness and shine when used after you wash your hair. Nothing extraordinary but I love using it because of the smell and the way my hair feels!

Garnier Clean Sensitive 2-1 Gentle Makeup Remover

I actually stole this one off my mum because I had no more of my own makeup remover. I know micellar water is all the craze right now but this is such an underrated product. It is for sensitive skin so it doesn't irritate you skin when you use it. I find that this is the best makeup remover EVER. Key term: MAKEUP REMOVER. It removes mascara and red-stained lips like a dream! Unlike the micellar water, you will need to cleanse your face after. But, it is a lot better at removing makeup than micellar water - definitely!

Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream

And lastly, my most recent love is this crazy good night cream. Aveeno is my favourite skincare brand because it works well with my skin and doesn't irritate it. One time I left my nose strip on for too long which literally dried every inch of my nose and burned like a b*%$h. Over night I used this cream and the next day it seemed to start heeling straight away. Daily moisturiser is definitely not enough for dry skin and now I HAVE to use night cream every night to keep it baby skin soft! FAVOURITE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH :D

Thanks for reading girlies and hope you had a great February! 


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