Friday, August 23, 2013

Product Review: Bourjois Healthy mix serum Gel Foundation

Hi guys!

The weekend is finally here, and I'm finally free to do a review on a new product that I received in the mail. I bought Bourjois' Healthy mix serum in the colour 52 (Vanilla) from Asos for $13 which is dirt cheap from Australia's retail price which is $32 at Priceline.

 Product Review:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serium (52: Vanille/Vanilla).

First look of it:



Review: Packaging: 4/5

- It's in a glass bottle which makes it have a very professional feel.
- The ingredients are clearly written on the back and the front: 
'Vitamin-rich fruit therapy'
- The red cap is very cute! Inside you can kind of see the pump. 
- I personally like pumps because it is easy to test how much of
the product you need to use. Screw caps are annoying because
you end up pouring out too much!

Review: Coverage - 3/5

- Since I have fairly clear skin, the product blended into my skin
very smoothly. But I only really like using foundation that is 1/3
- I know many of you girls would like to have more coverage
especially for the evening when all cameras are on you! 
- HOWEVER, for daytime, this foundation is AH-mazing. It's
fruit extracts definitely brings out a healthier glow that it claims
on the packaging. I have quite pale skin so I can look sickly
mornings but this really does the job!

Review: Long-lasting - 3/5

- Many foundations often claim that they are long-lasting, this one
claims that it can last up to 16 hours.
- However, I think it lasts a maximum of 4-5 hours without any 
finishing powder, but does last a good 10 hours with powder.
- So, all of these claims are actually when you use primer under
the foundation and powder/finishing spray over the foundation.
- Otherwise, for a light coverage foundation that 'blends flawlessly'
into your skin, it does last quite a while!

Review: Colour - 4/5

- In other reviews on youtube, they seem to agree that this foundation
has a yellow undertone/tinge. But especially for us asian girls out there,
this is perfect for our skin!
- For other skin tones, don't let the yellow-ness put you off! The yellow
pigments are actually used to cover more blemishes and redness,
 and evens
out the skin tone.
- You could use a small portion of this foundation as 'primer', to correct
skin tone and then use another foundation that is more suited to 
your colour
- I absolutely loved the colour on my skin, as again my skin is very
 white/pale so it gave me a glow to die for!

Final Verdict: 4/5

- I really loved this foundation, it is very gentle on the skin and does blend
quite flawlessly with the stipple brush.
- The colour is great for my skin but for other skin types be sure to check out
all their colours!
- It has a fruity scent which smells delicious and feels so natural on my face
- Honestly, I don't even feel it when it's on my skin!

Have an awesome weekend guys! More Pics below!




Colour 52 - Vanilla. For reference, I'm a n20 for Mac.
Left: No Foundation, Right: Foundation


  1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation is a really good foundation, I love it! And I really love the shades. I need to try the original Healthy Mix too, because I need a bit more coverage.

  2. I agree! My go to foundation for everyday use :D

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