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First looks on new products!

Hello guys and galz,

This week the Priceline 40% off all cosmetics once again sent girls screaming "IT'S BACK ... MUST RESIST... OH HELL NAW!". Well that's what I was screaming inside anyway. My tactic this time wasn't to stock up on my normal goodies but a chance to try some new things out that I've been eyeing these past few weeks.

My mini #pricelinehaul - trying out new things :D

                                                                                                                             Nude by Nature Value Pack 

First looks

Loreal Paris' Super Liner - Perfect Slim ($24.95)

I normally use Maybelline's Master Precise Liquid Liner, and I'm only somewhat happy about it.
In general, the liquid isn't very dark which means you have to keep reapplying. One good thing
about it is that the brush is small so it makes the line accurate and precise. 

The Super Liner has a felt tip brush as opposed to the soft brush of the MasterPrecise. At first I found this to be too thick for the skinny lines I like to create for my cat-eye look. However, when I got used to it I quite liked the felt tip brush because it got more formula on your lids and it actually comes out dark! The grip handle also helps with precision and getting into those tight spaces. Like Maybelline's liquid liner, it does smudge when you sweat etc, and since there is more formula that comes out in this pen, the running does get quite bad. 

Overall, I like this liquid liner due to how dark the formula is so it doesn't take too long to line my eyelids. I will probably put setting spray on it to see if does not melt off my face. 

Review: 3/5 

Physician's Formula Nude Shimmer Strips ($24.95)

I was devastated when I could not find a site that (safely) delivered Naked 2 Palettes, and the fact that it was $60 really put me off. Watching some recent youtube videos, makeup bloggers have raved on about these shimmer strips, and how they can be used for everything! 

To be honest, the main reason I got this was because of the cute packaging - I have such a sweet spot for packaging! But all in all, the instructions show that using the shimmer when dry is for eyeshadow, and when using it wet is for eyeliners. The pigmentation is quite good and stays on the lids for a solid amount of time. The pinker shades I can use for highlighting and illuminating when I can't be bothered to use my Benefit Watt's Up stick. 

I'm really liking this because it is so versatile and can be used to complete a nude look from the eyeshadow, eyeliner to highlighting cheekbones! It really does it all. The only thing that is off-putting is that some colours are wider than some, which means you don't get equal product for each strip! 

Review: 4/5

Maybelline's (New) Clean Express Total Clean for Lip & Eye ($6.95)

Again this cute bottle and the simple packaging really caught my eye. I've noticed that some other people have also been buying this, so for only $4.95 I decided to try it out. I currently use the Garnier Gentle Makeup Remover which is what is says - gentle and soothing on your face without that burning sensation afterwards. 

I was quite disappointed with this product - the oil that settles on the top is quite thick (because it has 'fast acting dissolving agents'). In most products I do not feel any burning sensation mainly because I have normal, combination skin - however this product actually made my lips and eyelids sting for a while! I feel that it may be too strong, especially since it is meant to 'remove stubborn and waterproof makeup'. I would not recommend this product for those who have dry skin as it will kill when you use it to wipe off your makeup.

I'm definitely sticking to my Garnier makeup remover - it actually makes your face feel refreshed afterwards. Never to be fooled by cute packaging again (sure, Jane... sure)

Review: 1/5 (only because it is quick in removing makeup from your skin!)

Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara ($3.50)

This is a must for everyone who wants to tame those longer eyebrows in between waxes! I just ran out of my ELF one and was not going to order another batch online, or buy it from Kmart which is like double the price of those products in America so I decided to give this one a try. Honestly, you get what you pay for. The formula is quite runny and just the overall packaging makes it look like its for little kids. 

The ELF Lash and Brow Gel is thicker and helps the eyebrows mould into place. For both of these products I would not recommend putting it on the eyelashes. I mean, what is the point when it just puts a layer of gel that makes it heavier and harder for lashes to separate when you're applying actual mascara. It also causes lashes to lose curls because it does weigh down the lashes. Give it a miss for your eyelashes! 

Even though it is runny, it does do the job for eyelashes and I like this brush better than the ELF one. This one is thinner so you can sculpt your eyebrows more precisely which is awesome. This is just one of those products that does not need to be over $5... or ever $3. It is just an essential for all those who just need some taming for when you need some serious waxing, or you could even use it to put the long hairs into place for you to do some self grooming (i.e. plucking). Overall, I'm feeling neutral about this product - an essential that is runny but nothing to complain about. 

Maybelline's (New) Superstay Lip Liner in 41 Rosewood ($12.95)

I've been needing a nude/pinkish lipliner because when I wear my nude lipsticks it smears outside of my lipline and just looks like my lips are camouflaging with my face. Not a good look. I am quite impressed with this product, as it does last long and since it is a bit darker than my lipsticks it really defines my lip line which makes it look more defined and fuller. 

I'm not so sure about the last power yet because I have only used it once, but I am really liking the colour of it. It is not a creamy formula so you're going to have to apply it layer by layer - make sure your lips are moisturised and not dry! 

Today I went into target to try the NYX version of this and I do find that it is more creamier, and there is a larger range that these new lip liners. I will also give that one a try and compare the two!

Review: 3.5/5

Maybelline's (New) Superstay Lip Liner in 46 Red ($12.95)

This is just the same lip liner but in a red because I lost my Revlon Colorstay one which was absolutely amazing. Smooth, creamy and lasts forever on your lips. However, I was not going to fork out double this time to lose it again. 

Anyways, the colour of this lipliner is quite universal. It matches all different kinds of reds as it is not too bright or vibrant - nor is it particularly dull either. The colour would work from the medium reds to even the darker wine colours as well. 

As I said, the formula is quite dry so you will have to keep applying it to get that more defined look. Using my ELF lip liner brush I blend both of the colours in and apply my lipstick. My lips look a lot more defined and fuller. But as I mentioned, I have not used this product enough to comment on its long-lasting factor. Overall, I am liking it!

Review: 3.5/5

Nude by Nature Soft Focus Illuminating Powder (included in Value Pack: $19.95)

In my makeup collection I don't have many mineral products so I'm not quite familiar with the performance of this on my face. However, I am very excited to start using mineral products!! The benefits include, lesser coverage which allows your pores to breathe and not break out under a thick layer of foundation. It doesn't quite stick on your face as much as denser products - again for easy breathing but doesn't last as long. 

Overall, I quite like the colour, which is a pinkish-yellow toned illuminator that you can brush slightly on top of bronzer or blush that doesn't have any shimmer to it. The packaging is very small so little product comes out - that is not a problem though because you don't need much powder to highlight your face. Unlike the shimmer strips and highlighting sticks like Benefit's Watts Up, this illuminator is more so for the whole face or in large sections like the cheek. It can't be completely focused on one section like under the eyebrow area because it just won't stick on. 

I can't wait to test how this works against my other products!

Review: N/A (haven't used it long enough!)

Deluxe Kabuki Brush (included in Value Pack $19.95)

The main reason that I bought this Value pack was because of this awesome brush! I have been looking everywhere for a brush that dusts on bronzer effortlessly - which doesn't make all those weird 'dirt' splotches on your face that I always get. The bristles are so goddamn soft that I just want to use it all the time!! 

They're also quite densely packed which is perfect for picking up the tiny mineral products to brush over your face. I have very high hopes for this Kabuki brush - please make my makeup routine that much easier. I just bought this today so again I cannot comment on the longevity of the brush or whether it shreds. 

Just at first glance it is absolutely amazing and I have been waiting so long for a brush like this (which is very affordable as well!)

Review: N/A (but I would give it a 4/5 for softness and ability to pick up minerals very well)

Product list and pricing: 

R.R.P as listed above.

All prices are taken from the Priceline website.

Hope you had fun reading this post! Comment below, or on Facebook to recommend some new products that you have used. Have a great weekend everyone :D 


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