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Splurge vs. save (brief list!)

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Hope you've all been well! Today's post will be on the constant battle between high end products and drugstore brands. We've all been there in Myer, David Jones or Mecca Cosmetica and wondered if we should buy the $55 Benefit blush or just stick with our favourite Maybelline 'bouncy' blush. Here's a post that will help you decide whether you should take the plunge!

I'm pretty much in the same position as you! I've only really got a handful of expensive products that I spent hours online and hours in store testing to see if it is really worth it.

Splurge on: 
Breathability & texture - 
- Firstly, this is the product that you will be covering your WHOLE face with. If the product is not breathable or causes allergic reactions then of course there would be damage. This is more evident in drugstore brands such as Maybelline, Covergirl and Rimmel. I'm not saying that these products are to be avoided completely but you need to watch out on which foundation you pick as you should avoid damaging your skin.
- Usually higher end brands have products such as Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua which has a lighter texture and generally feels more breathable on the skin. Chanel's Vitalumiere provides good coverage as well as being better for the skin.
- Textures of drugstore brands such as Covergirl are normally very thick and seem to smear onto your face rather than properly blend in. It leaves streaks on your face no matter how good your makeup brush is.
Colours & Coverage:
- Besides Revlon and Bourjois, most other drugstore brands have a maximum of six shades (of which three are highly unflattering) which makes it very difficult for you to find a colour that matches you!
- Especially with Asians, it is hard to find a mixture of a pink and yellow undertones - so we might end up with a cake face that we just aren't proud of.

Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua foundation
Make up Forever's HD High Definition foundation
Revolon's Colorstay foundation
Bourjois' Healthy Mix foundation

Blush and Bronzers:
Pigmentation & Lasting power
- I have tried many blush and bronzers from high end and the lower ends and I can tell you that for sure the feel and pigmentation of expensive brands are so worth it.
- Drugstore brands such as NYX and Rimmel have nice blush colours, especially if you want to go for a natural look, but generally they come on very light and needs to be built on a lot. In most cases they do not last very long either and it fades easily which means constantly reapplying even at a dinner party!
- I used to swear by Rimmel's Match Perfection blush in light/medium, however after constant use of the colour faded very quickly. Similar to Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in Sun light 021. As a pair these worked well for about 2 hours but fades equally as fast when you are sweating or are going through any energy inducing exercise. Also, the colour of the bronzer never sit that well with me. It isn't as orange as other drugstore bronzers, but it definitely had a hint. This is not great for any contouring because you end up looking like a cake face clown!
- After moving onto higher end brands like Benefit and Nars I have never really looked back. Benefit's Dandelion and Sugarbomb are great compact blushers that give you an even coverage and lasting power. Overall the colour pay off is great because it actually stays on your skin!
- Nars Orgasm blush is absolutely amazing. The colour is like a very subtle metallic corally/magenta pink that stays on all night. As a cult product is really does suit most skin colours so you won't be afraid to try it out.
- Coupled with Nars Laguna Bronzer, they both have just enough glitter to highlight your cheeks as well as creating a sculpted contoured face. The bronzer has no orange colour pay off which is perfect for slight contouring when you are having a simple night out without too much makeup. Again the bronzer lasts quite long compared to many of the drugstore products that I've tried.

Save on:
- Despite the buzz about expensive mascaras such as YSL baby doll, Diorshow Mascara and Lancome Hypnose, they pretty much do the same thing as drugstore brands.
- As I mentioned in my last post, mascaras especially from the Maybelline line gives you a more subtle look as well as being quite build able and have curl hold.
- Many high end branded mascaras have fascinating brushes and colours (blue, green & purple) but I don't know if you are willing to fork out $50 for a mascara based on mere intrigue!
- Drugstore brands are enough. Trust me. Getting sucked into buying fifty dollar mascaras and finding out that they don't work as well as your favourite (and cheap) mascara will cause a big hole in your purse... and your heart!
- Check out my older posts to see what mascaras are for you!

- Although the pretty packaging of Chanel and Dior liquid eyeliners, you're better off paying $10-$20 less on them. I personally have a sample eyeliner from Lancome, and the lasting power is pretty much the same as the Retractable eyeliner from Revlon.
- But, one thing to splurge on in this category is a good gel eyeliner. Maybelline's Gel Eyeliner is quite good but the formula dries up quite easily so it is hard to use after a while. For a more longer lasting gel eyeliner, you should opt for the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner which has great lasting power and doesn't dry out as fast!
- But for liquid eyeliners and your everyday liners, just stick to your good ol' Revlon or Maybelline!

Revlon's Colour Stay Retractable eyeliner
Maybelline's Master Precise Liner (Liquid)
Bobbin Brown's Gel Eyeliner

This is just a brief overview of some products for now! More 'Splurge vs. Save' posts to come :)



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